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You were made by GOD.
You even reminded me of HIM.
I remember when I was younger,
How you would firmly grasp that wooden spoon in your right hand,
Holding the bowl steady with your left.That’s how I imagine GOD looked when he made the world.
With absolutely no haste,

Just love, joy and precision
As my cousins and I- your little angels

Would sit there amazed at your abilities to throw average everyday kitchen
Into one bowl

Stir with one stick

To give us each our own slice of heaven.It must be it your “mix it in only one direction” rule.

But then again, I tried that and I’m sure my cousins did too.

The taste brought us to cloud nine but,
We’re still not close to you.To our friends we are the bakers of our time.
But we know what you did was timeless.
When you did it.
The truth broke free with each egg,
Fears melted away like the butter,
Life was sweeter than the sugar

And the ‘tip’ of rum made living worthwhile.

We can’t do it like you grandma
And I guess I would do anything

To see you, God’s angel- holding that wooden spoon again

RIP Esmine Birdie Lindo

~ Vanessa Chambers ~

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