The time that has passed should let us feel better, it should have helped in a better way. We are depending on time as our savior but we are coming to the reality that time doesn’t have the right answer. Time has done it’s best but we still keep looking out, tasting, listening smelling and feeling the aroma and aura of her life in our every step we journey.
Who just buy a plantain tart just to get that taste, or look into ms Cynthia pot cause it is part of who we are, or hear her voice ringing out in our heads on the verge when we’re thinking erroneously. Do we feel encouraged in our lives faith and Feels lifted and blessed when we see our lives extended to our children and they’re holding their own and we’re so proud.
Time surely has disappointed us but I’m very happy and celebrate her memory particularly on this day. Her love and life has scared us and it’s an insignia which should proudly wear, even if it’s with tears in our eyes.

Forever in our lives, Esmine Mercibel Lindo
~ David


Grandma you were a woman of strength and you dedicated your life to your family and friends and for that I thank you. You instilled that same strength in your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. You taught me that faith in the Lord will carry you through anything you may endure, both with your words and your actions. You taught me humility and respect for others.

I remember asking you a question about the Lord when I was about 8 years old, and I asked you that same question again when I was 33 and you gave me the same answer. That showed me your belief in your faith.
There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you and wish you were still here with us, but I know you are in a better place.
I love you with all my heart, Rest In Peace.

I love you with all my heart, Rest In Piece.
~ Sean


The late Esmine Lindo, otherwise called Sister B and Birdie was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, a friend, a phenomenal woman and a child of God, one that is always concerned about the welfare of her siblings. She said concerning her faith, “My faith is very strong and that will never go”. As a wife and mother, she was a confident role-model, which was depicted in Proverbs 31. She had a Christian-home relationship with her God and brought up her children in the admonition and service of the LORD. She was a prayer warrior, always praying especially for the young ones and regularly counseled these children using sound Bible principles.
While being a faithful child of God, Esmine held the position of President of the local Women’s League, a Circuit Steward as well as a dedicated choir member. She was also a Property Steward and willingly held other positions of service. As her husband of sixty years when I reflect on Esmine’s life, she was a humble and a dedicated mother, wife and servant of God. Her faith never wavered regardless of challenges faced. I would not be the man I am today if it were not for her faith in God and her gentle guidance which led me to trust more in Him. Although we had many children, Esmine willingly looked after others’ children with a warm and caring heart. She never neglected any of them and played an active role in the P.T.A. meetings at each school. She ensured each child was treated as her only and showered him/her with love, dedication and commitment. Esmine believed firmly in education as a driving tool for betterment in life and ensured each child understood its importance.
The legacies Esmine left behind that still lives on today in her children and grandchildren is her faith in God as the only source and succor for all of life’s situations as well as being a loyal preacher. All that she did was not to glorify self, but she did it because of her love that she had for the LORD and her wish to be obedient to HIS voice speaking to her. Her greatest sermons were not preached on the pulpit but were ministered through the life she chose to live.
~ Carol Lindo


Thinking of you…..five years later still warms my heart.

The anticipation of going “uppa yard” to see your smiling face and receive your endless hugs and kisses never seems to fade even though you are no longer there.  You have made Walkerswood my place of rest, my place of ease, my place absolute of happiness.

I have always been inspired by your unselfish acts of kindness to others and your tireless devotion to the ones you love. It is now that I am five years older that I am learning of things you have been through as a child and young adult, and never once have I witnessed or heard an unkind word or action towards persons. Your acts of kindness have far surpassed your years on this earth, as persons speak often of how you have taken them in when they have nothing and treated them as one of your own. Your legacy still lives on as the family continues to adopt people into our family and treat them just as you would have. You would be surprised to know we now have two white cousins, and the group is growing but I see that as you living on through us.

You kindness taught us our own little special skills that you saw in each one of us, from sewing, to baking, to the proper setting of a table, the locking up the good China, praying and more importantly the value of family and togetherness. Funny enough you never taught me to sew because you know that would be far too hard of a task but you showed me that I am dependable and I should always stick by my word.  Now we hone in on the treasures we find in each other not only as family but as close friends.

I had written this letter on my blog in February of 2011. I felt I would like to share it as the same theme rings throughout of my thoughts of what grandma meant: –

Dear Grandma,

Words cannot express how I truly feel about loosing you. I often think of your last days and go over every single detail and wonder what we could have done differently, so I wouldn’t have to be writing this letter to you. No matter what, I wasn’t ready to let you go. But, you taught by example never to live life in regret. So now I see everyday I spent with you as a blessings.

I’ll like to thank you for all that you have done for me: the big things, the little things, by just living your life in step with the Lord and therefore setting a perfect example. I often think if I could live half the life that you have lived, then I know I would be alright. I think the most important lessons you have taught me are forgiveness, kindness and the importance of family.

I’m not gonna make this long, cause I know you have to go teach the ladies how to sew and bake; and I can imagine you have joined all the clubs and societies up there and you have been keeping busy as a bee, till we all come up. So I’ll tell you what, we will catch up when I see you, can’t wait to give you my usual big kiss on the jaw, and tell you just how much I love and appreciate you for always being there for everybody.

Love you Lots, and Lots more