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I never knew we were poor, ‎

Like a blacksmith you bent metal and fire,

 Preparing meals fit for a king. You are my alchemist.

 To me those “hard times” were just life lessons.

 That even when times are hard you must go on. Even when it’s dark you must go on.

When life turns up the heat you must go on. ‎

And when those parasites start nagging at your ear and bitting at your leg. ‎

You have no choice but to move on.

 You taught me how to be selfless how to be soulful.

 Would great it feels to be thankful and how beautiful it is to give. ‎

To give from here. My heart.

The heart molded in His image but made sure that it was in perfect sync with yours.

 I am blessed.

I’m blessed because I’m yours, a child of you.

So never you dear feel like you haven’t given me enough.

 Because if i had 7 billion other lives to choose from.

This. This would be it.

Because no one knows how happy i am to be a product of you.

Of yourself. Of your smile.

Or your soul.

A child of the closest there is to perfection.


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