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Who Am I


By Vanessa Rochelle Chambers-Lindo

Who am i ?

I am a bastard.

A born love child,

Raised by a mother ever so loving and selfless.

Taunted by a brother oh so protective.

A jovial smart-mouth they called me,

Quick-tongued but innocent i was.

Who am i ?

I am a Lindo.

Raised by a family of over forty.

More like a community if you ask me.

The definition of love at its finest.

A bond much sweeter and more refined,

Than the highest quality sugar there is.

A nation of a people not just bonded by blood,

But by the desire to shelter and care for those in need.

Who am i ?

I am an artist.

Creativity moves through my body like the blood that flows through yours.

That kid with tons of crayons because every year,

That was the ideal birthday gift.

Always shy and awkward,

Paper was the only connect between my world and yours.

Who am i ?

I am a Jamaican.

Born, bred, and beaten.

Proud and loud, ever so ready to defend my people,

Angry but more so passionate,

Believing highly in loyalty and trust.

Where to death proudly i hold my flag above my head,

My culture across my chest.

Who am i ?

I am a dreamer.

The flow of ideas never stop,

I think, i hope, i wish, i dream.

Not for the money

But to make a better life for myself and those around.

Drive that keeps me going.

But even after all this,

The question still remains.

Who am i ?

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