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Think on these things

This is the contribution forwarded to the RJR program Think on these things….. 

NORMAN LINDO, President BSA – 917-2108

Across the expanse, God stretched out his creation, establishing the stars, gave the earth its foundation. His strength claims our worship, his power, our fear, shining his glory for all to see. The creation story, so awesome, yet so hard to comprehend, leaves us to wonder what went on before the beginning. All things, visible and invisible, had their origin in him and exist in him for his glory. Encountering the wonders of God’s creation should inspire at least a heart of gratitude in us.

The Psalmist wrote  “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handy work”. Although God’s glory is clearly displayed all around us and sometimes the busyness of everyday life blocks our view. We lose the wonder of the cross. We forget the privilege of being God’s child. We neglect the pleasure of His presence and miss the beauty of His creation.

927d25beb53108dc7bed4e1382dfc8d0So, let us take time today to look on his glory. For instancne, on a misty Monday morning, the awesome view of the St Elizabeth Plains from Spur Tree Hill, leaves you breathless, likewise the vibrant burst of colours as the sun rises in the east. Creation is filled with all the beauty which points us to the creator and leaves us to ponder how spectacular and beautiful is our Big Blue Marble as the earth is sometimes called. Amazing, isn’t it?

God’s spectacle, when rightly understood, should not only take our breath away but inspire us to worship and praise Him.

Our God entrusted us with his creation, making us stewards and holding us responsible for sustaining its existence. His mandate to Adam he passes unto all believers. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof”. Psalm 24 v 1. The Lord God put Adam in the garden to tend and keep it

(Gen. 2 v15) and to be obedient to his words. On our part, we are to care and guard creation as responsible stewards and this is very important for the existence of mankind. We see the rapid pace of deforestation taking place. Then, there is the constant burning and killing of trees which contributes to the ozone layer. This calls for a positive response from all of us.

Today, the creation story continues, as we are influenced and inspired by the theology of creation. Our Mission as people of God is to work diligently to establish programmes in our schools, churches and communities doing whatever possible to maintain the integrity of creation. As always, the church is put to the test to lead from the front, this charge we defend. The Brotherhood of St Andrew in the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands on August 29, launched its National Project Day under the theme: “Clean up Plant up”. This is a reflection on one of the Missions now being carried on in our congregation,  to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew committed ourselves to clean schools, churches and grounds in our communties. Some trees were planted as symbols to others of the importance of keeping our communities clean and safe for its sustainability.

Friends, as we continue to be good stewards of God’s bounty, may our duties be manifested by our specific actions, cleaning up our lives as we clean up God’s creation, worshipping a God who exists, from the beginning and beyond.  As the Psalmist says: Let all things that have breath, praise the Lord. (Psalm 150) AMEN.

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