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P-Bird Flynn!

Coming in frooooooooooooom Bowie Maryland, a young man determined to make wrestling his best sport yet; a junior athlete who has proven perseverance and hard word gets you a victory, one determined gentleman who followed in his fathers footsteps and became a wrestling champ! Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatricccccccccck Flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyn.


There’s no doubt Patrick Flynn has been doing really well this wrestling season. Nothing electrifies a crowd like a good wrestling match with these young wrestlers. Patrick has proven that hard work and determination gets the job done every time. In his earlier wrestling career he wasn’t as excited about the sport, but with a lot of time and dedication and a great deal of sacrifice from his father and family. Patrick has seen some great victories this season.


Below is a glance at some of the scores.

MDWAY State Champion 2017

MSWA 4th place 2017

SMJWL 2nd place 2017

MAWA Eastern Nationals 5th place ( All American) 2017

43 wins  –  7 losses

MDWAY 2nd place 2016

MSWA 3rd place 2016

SMJWL 4th place 2016

34 wins  – 6 losses

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