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Miss UWI 2016

Congratulations to the third runner up of the Miss UWI 2016

The show started late but ended with all of Julia’s supporters and fans screaming her name.

Julia was contested # 7 out of 15, she proudly wore the sash Miss E.G Wellness Brands. Julia walked onto the stage with great confidence, it was printed all over her than she was already winner. Her wide smile and proud strides stood out, yes she slayed it.

She was the youngest lady in the pageant but that did not hold her back at all. Her talent piece was one that had the audience listening keenly. Princess Jay was her name as she told the audience about her husband Ricky and her life growing up.  For this piece, one of the props she used was a picture of her dad which represented her husband “Ricky”

With absolutely no doubt Julia worn the best gown and cropped the sectional prize in the best evening gown category. She stood out in an elegant royal blue evening gown which highlighted the curves of body and was designed with a sexy halter.

When she made it to top 5 her fans were all excited and if there was an award for most supposed contestant Miss E.G Wellness Brand would certainly collect an award.
Julia proudly walked away from Miss UWI 2016 as the 3rd runner up. Job well done and deserved.
 ~ Authea Patterson