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Lindo Ladies High Tea


The invitations were received from Jackie; the plans were laid; the caterers were contacted and the pastry selection approved; the ladies were all in an anticipatory mode.  Lindo Ladies High Tea at the Walkerswood Estate was set.

The start time of 5 p.m. was missed by about ½ hour, but finally all the Lindo ladies were assembled, dressed to the nines in their finest.  Some sported elegant hats and broaches to complement their dresses.  The table was laid in a fashion that would have made Momma proud.  All the teapots and cups from Momma’s collection along with the nicest platters were in use.  The atmosphere was elegant and refined with soft classical music playing in the background. There were nineteen ladies in attendance.


After prayer, our waiter for the evening-Rajiv began serving the teas.  The ladies sampled Jasmine Tea, Rose Bush Tea, Moroccan Mint, Red Bush Chai and English teas.  Scones, cucumber sandwiches, Danish, cheese cake, pudding and gizzadas were added to their dainty plates. Our server kept us supplied with lots of hot water and cleared away the dishes quietly and efficiently. Cool lemon flavoured water was in ample supply.  The teas seem to put everyone in a mellow, relaxed mood.

While the ladies sipped their tea and had hushed conversations, a poem “The Wooden Spoon” written by Vanessa Chambers in tribute to Esmine Lindo, was read.  It proved to be a bittersweet moment and there were a few teary eyes.

It was now time for sharing and fellowship.  The ladies were encouraged to just share what is going on in their lives; their hopes and aspirations; they disappointments and fears and just about anything that they wished the group to know.  The women truly opened up and spoke from their hearts.  There were shouts of encouragement, applause, tears, laughter and sniffles all mingled.

They evening ended with a prayer circle and each ladies prayed for the one standing on their left.

High Tea was over but still we lingered; trying to recapture the moments shared; making plans for another event; giving encouragement and making plans for the future.

Lindo Ladies High Tea was a resounding success!




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