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The King Carol 90th birthday celebration was a year in the making.  Family and friends travelled from overseas and across the island to be in attendance.  The cake was ready, the decorations (after a near disaster) were organized and ready, and everything was set.  The weather however refused to cooperate, and there was torrential rain from the previous night and all throughout the day.  The rain could not daunt the celebrations as the capable organizers simply added more tents, more tarpaulins and more umbrellas for the comfort of the guests.

The celebration was set to kick off at noon but many persons arrived as early as 9:00 a.m. in anticipation of the day’s event.  Many pitched in to complete the mounting of the decorations inside the tents.

The cooks and the kitchen staff immediately summed up the situation and in quick order, hot soup, roast yam and saltfish and roast potatoes were ready for the offering.  The bartender also got things off to an early start and the men and women were soon enjoying a drink to ward off the infamous Cromptin chill. The dominoes tables came out next, and the music was set up.  The celebration was underway.

The food tent at the back of the yard was a constant hive of activity as the guests quickly recognised that it not only provided warmth, but that it was a good spot to catch up with friends while partaking of the sumptuous fare of roast pork, jerk chicken, curried goat, fried fish and ital stew.  The bar was another favourite hang-out spot. Along with the food, guests were offered cold coconut jelly and sugar cane and a variety of pastries.

Later in the evening the formalities took place and there was the cutting of the cake with Papa and his grand and great grandchildren as well as toasts from well wishers.   M.C. Kimmy took the guests on a journey of Papa’s life and shared the milestone events as well as encouragements to his friends and family.

The party was a mix of good food, good music, good friends, good conversations and more than all family.  Some persons lingered well after the festivities had ended, seemingly reluctant to give up the experience.  All in all everyone had a good time and the guest of honour was pleased and happy.

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear and the whole family proceeded to church for a time of praise and thanksgiving to God for all His blessings.

There were many successes and positive stories that weekend:

  • The King Carol celebration was used as a launch for the Walkerwood Methodist Church Roofing project which is spearheaded by Carol Lindo.  Pledges were received in excess of J$1 million.
  • Friends and family reconnected
  • Cousins (3rd generation Lindo children) sat together and brain stormed about their plans, hopes and dreams for the future

Another great gathering of family and friends, another blessing from God!

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