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I love her.
I love everything about her,
I am truly blessed to wake up to her presence.
She’s beautiful.
If you had told the younger me that when I grow older,
That I would fall so deeply in love with her I would have laughed.
Grin so hard my creeks would probably hurt
And tell you that’s fiction with nothing but falsified stories and fabrication.
I would have called you stupid.
But today I retract those words because you’re right.
You’re right and I love her and I love her and it’s right
No it’s perfect.

She’s everything I needed,
Everything I ever asked for.
Just about as perfect as an earthly being could probably get.
Deeper than the oceans if they could all be stacked on top of each other.
With eyes that absorbed the world and reflected nothing but its beauty
A butterfly. As free as a butterfly she was, she is, she will be.
I can never get tired of her or what she stands for
Or what she creates.
I’ve never been so in love
I accept all that she thought were flaws.
Her acne freckled shoulders
The stretch marks that signify nothing but growing up
And her ability to think. To think about strange things
Like number systems and there relations to galaxies and time and space

God did this.
He waited.
He waited until time was right,
It feels right and right on time I needed her.
I needed her, and now.
She’s me.
I love who I’ve become

By ~ Vanessa Chambers

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