My memories of Birdie will always be on her faith and her love and faithfulness.  Birdie was easily the kindest most loving mother anyone could have and she showed this every day.   However, the stories of how she stood with Daddy during their early years in raising the family, building a house and building a life will always mean a great deal to me.  I can only imagine when she made dinner out of nothing in the early day and how she worked at various jobs including cutting steel with Daddy as they made the house.  Mommy never wavered in her faith and while I was in first year university she asked how I was doing and when I told her not too well she gave me some words of encouragement.  When I was writing my PhD thesis I was using computer for the first time and somehow my thesis became completely garbled.  Again I told mommy and many years later she showed me two prayers that she had written for me; one when I was not doing well and another when my work became garbled.  How I wish I could find where she wrote those prayers.  With Birdie I always felt loved and special and because of her I hold myself to high morals and ethical standards.  I do not take it lightly when people either question my integrity or think lowly of me because I am Miss Birdie son and I tell them so.  Her love has also given me the confidence to feel comfortable in any surrounding and to never forget where we came from.  She had the confidence to embrace her entire life including the good the bad and the ugly.  That’s what made her a beautiful woman. ~ John Lindo


For MAMA dear :   Mama is always with me. I feel her presence daily. In  my overload wash days; in my cooking, cleaning or even singing those old Methodist hymns.    She lives In me, she is the one I try to follow each day.  I wonder what would be her advise when the children get sick. the other day When Jordan nose was bleeding I was tempted to take up my phone and call her .  Not even death has separated us.
  ~ Pauline Patterson




Grandma Lindo has and still continues to shine her sparkling light through my mother Pauline Allison Patterson as she insists that her family should be closely knitted and bonded together.   Buy the way she goes the extra mile/s to ensure that her loved husband and children are doing fine.
I am quite proud to say that the P- peaceful, A- affectionate,  U – unselfish, L – loyal,  I – incredible, N- nurturing,  and E- easy going characteristics that Pauline displays in her every day living was taught and instilled by her mother Esmine. 
On this Mother’s day I am thankful for the life of Esmine for molding and instilling positive attitudes in her daughter Pauline as we the Patterson family is truly grateful and blessed to have her in our immediate lives.
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!! ~ Authea Patterson



I took a long time replying to this; because I wanted some time to really THINK about momma.


My mind keeps going back to the last weekend we spent together.


She was recalling for me all the major events in her life including her wedding day; the day she took that step to mesh her life with our father. Forever.


The stories were light and funny, and as she sat on the verandah her eyes sparkled with delight. She told of going to see the minister in Watsonville- riding in the back of a truck because there was no other transportation available. She told stories of how Boysie’s wife sang at her reception-Sankeys to boot (no love songs fi momma J).  She talked of her girlhood days; the places she worked, the families she took care of. They were all fond memories for her-even the account of been arrested for “stealing” a silver spoon from one lady in St. Ann’s Bay.  The spoon was later discovered after the police corporal came, but by then our mother had given the lady a good tongue-lashing so she couldn’t keep her job anyway and had to leave.


So many stories she told that Saturday.  Why didn’t I leave the soup and the cleaning up of the house and just listen? If only I knew.


Another thing she told me that day was just how tired she was.  I said “nuh worry Momma, come let me give you a shower and then you can go and rest”.  She replied “ Claud even if I slept for a month, I don’t think I would shake this tired feeling.” I just assumed that her blood count was low again, or maybe she needed her supplements, but Momma was talking about a different kind of tired. By Thursday of the following week she was in hospital, but Friday she had passed.


Then I began to think about her final moments in that hospital. I was more concerned for everyone else than I was for Momma. Concerned for her children (the others) and her grandchildren, concerned for Papa.  After all, Momma and I had often talked of the end.  She told me about the dress she should be buried in, the songs she wanted sang at her funeral, the music, everything.  I remember jokingly telling her that I would not include one particular song on the programme, because the Walkerwood Methodist choir wouldn’t do a good job of singing it—and she said “no man, Nana knows it and she can lead”


I know momma was prepared for that day.  She was peaceful and calm. 


I always imagined when that time came she would have some “words of wisdom” for me.  She couldn’t do it then because she was in a coma, but I realize now that she was doing it the whole time. She did it in her love for her Lord and her unshakable faith in His love for her; her dedication to her husband; in the way she loved her family; the way she treated people; in her selfless devotion to those around her; in the way she would hold the family together in the toughest of times; in the way she would comfort and never judge, always encourage, never complain.


I am better off for knowing Esmine Mercibel Lindo. I only hope my life will be the testimony that hers was. ~ Claudette Lindo


 .. my last beach trip with Mama.. I remember it as if it was yesterday!!.. gone too soon but her memory lives on forever in my mind! ~ Wilston Johnston



My mother is like a holy saint to me, oh yes I know she has her faults and weaknesses like all of us but throughout her life she  gave of the best of herself and silently worked on the rest. She would always encourage us to always say good things about everyone even those who hurt us, always giving and sharing of our gifts and ourselves.  

There were many years of my life when I was afraid of my mother and thought that I could never some up to her standards and I still do. She is the standard by which I judge myself and strive for always, in my relationship, how I treat others and how I am as a person. my only prayer is that she knows I am a good girl and in my heart I want to make her proud of me. I pray she knows I am a good girl.

My mother is on special assignment with God, praying for her daughters, her family and the women of the world that we may awaken to the HEART and SOUL of being a woman sanctioned and sanctified by God, fulfilling our roles as healers and nurturers to all we meet. As we learned from our mother women are the SOUL of the family, community and nation.

My mother is MY HERO ~ Shirley Lindo



E is for the Everlasting faith you had in God
S is for the Serenity you had when facing challenges
M is for the Marvelous way you molded your family’s faith in God
I is for the Immeasurable love you gave unconditionally
N is for the Nurturing care you extended daily
E is for the Elegance you displayed with grace and ease.

Momma, if I were to describe the beauty you brought to our lives, this poem sums up how you have blessed us.
Everlasting serenity
Marvelously immeasurable love
Nurturing elegance
Like beauty from above  ~ Camille Lindo



Grandma Esmine, had a huge heart with the capacity to surround everyone with Love.  I am grateful to Esmine Lindo for the warmth and care she always showed my mother who fondly remembers her as the first person she saw in the hospital when she woke after childbirth…. ~ Trisha Lindo



I’m so grateful for my grandmother. She was a rock of confidence, of love and of security. What I loved most about grandma was the was she made us all feel as though we were number one in her eyes, even though there were so many of us. Her love, her strength and ability to embrace everyone with kindness, really shines through in my mother.

Jackie Lindo has one of the most giving hearts. Her continuous sacrifice for her family knows no bounds. On this mother’s day I am truly thankful to Esmine Lindo for Jacqueline Lindo.

A woman of courage, of brilliance, of willingness, of strength, of understanding, of grace, of wisdom, of sacrifice, of love, of kindness, of  fight, and has an incredibly amazing heart.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Esmine (Grandma) for giving me such a beautiful mother

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!! ~ Sancha Flynn



Mama’s favourite pastime was doing find-a-word puzzles.  I still go into the shops and look for find-a-word puzzles for her. Many of us considered Daddy the intellectual, because Mama was always at home with children, washing and cooking and cleaning.  However, he could not light a candle to her, as her love for books surpassed all. My recollection is of her going to the doctor and telling the doctor about the book she is reading.  Long after she left us, I could still go into the bathroom and find a treasure in the form of a book she read- a note she wrote in her journal, or a scripture passage. Many of us I know have a book that belonged to her.

At times I would question whether I did enough for her, or if her life would be longer if I had done just one thing better – was there anything that I overlooked that could have kept her here with us longer. But in all my questioning, I am comforted that Mama was ready to go to be with her Lord.

On this Mother’s Day, I want to say I am glad I was born to such a unique woman, who taught me by example- who showed me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And Mama, although I doubt myself at times, I know in my heart that I am stronger because of you.  Thanks for all the love, the great great conversations we had wherein I poured out my soul. There is no one other than the Almighty who knows me more than you do. You knew my deepest secrets, my greatest fears, my doubts- I laid myself bare to you, and that has made me so much stronger.  Your whispers to me in my heart are what keep me going Mama. 

I love you, Happy Mothers’ Day. ~ Jackie Lindo