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Father’s Day 2013

There was a meeting of the clan last Sunday, June 16, 2013, for Father’s Day celebration with the Big Man; papa, grandpa-Carol Lindo.

It rained in Walkerswood on Saturday, and Sunday started out overcast and a little gloomy.  This didn’t deter Daddy from going to church accompanied by Marilyn and Davion.  The weather also didn’t deter the troops from converging.  Pauline and family arrived, followed by David and family, John and family, Shirley and Vicky and Norman and Sherril. They all came to join those already at the house.

Under David’s management, Vicky, Daviann and company soon had two tables set with Momma’s finest cutlery, glassware and tableware.  Next the food started to roll out from the kitchen.

The fare included ham, curry mutton, roast chicken, jerk chicken, pasta and potato salads, toss salad, drinks and the works.  It seems like enough to feed an army and it was indeed a hungry army. While it poured outside, papa quieted everyone for the blessing.  The festivities began.

After dinner, Jas rolled out the cake. After a blessing by David, Jay and Daddy cut the cake. Shirley, who was directing traffic by this time, asked that a toast be given to each father present.

Danielle started with a toast to David.  She declared him to be father of all the girls and said how thankful they all were for his patient tutelage and directions. Julia toasted Norman and surprised us all by disclosing that Uncle Norman gives her money for all her school trips etc. Shirley spoke about Lawrence; about his resilience and his unwavering optimism in the face of challenges.  Marilyn toasted John and declared him to be a good and kind father.  It was then Pauline’s turn to talk about Daddy.  She declared Daddy to be “the real big man”, “daddy of all daddies”, “the #1”.  After all the accolades, Norman was a bit worried that Lawrence was going to leave her in Walkerswood and return to Luck Hill without her 🙂

Then a solemn moment ensued where Daddy remind us all what family is all about.  He told us that we should take care of each other, and that no matter the circumstances we must treat each other with love and tolerance.  Daddy mentioned how proud he was that all his sons were a now father and were standing up to their responsibility.

The men were then left to their talks and whiskey (or was that scotch) while the clean-up process began.  The conversation was light, humorous and totally engaging.

At some point, Lawrence managed to reach Natton by phone and a few of us were delighted to talk to him.  Daddy was so happy for that and Natton promised to come for a visit.  We will see.

All in all it was a good day and I believe Daddy had a wonderful time.

Photo credits: Daviann Lindo

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