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Europe 2013 via Sancha Flynn

I had an amazing week and a half in Europe

After flying from Virginia to Poland I had a chance to visit the tri cities there which include Gdnyia, Gdnask and Sopot – even tho they are very close to each other they each carry it’s own characteristics.

With a quick 2 hour flight to Germany the trip got even better.

Berlin, Germany was wonderful!!! Very cosmopolitan, the BEER truly is one of the best, it went perfectly with my Turkish Kabobs – lol.

Then with only a one hour flight to Roma, Italia – I was greeted with the most warm welcome of Sara and Selena

Italy is Breathtaking!! Simply beautiful! I spent a day in Rome with Sara and Selena then we went to Pascara where she’s from which introduced me to the warmth of Italian people. After a fun night on the beach town of Pascara I went back to Rome to do the touristy stuff. I am so in Love with Italy!

See links to albums below for photos taken. Can’t wait to explore more of this amazing place which have set out to make my oyster.

poalnd Poland album


germanyBerlin album

 iatlyItaly album 

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