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They say we’re good for nothing.
That we are from nothing,
Therefore we shall be nothing.
Unworthy, worthless, and no good.
Seen as just another speck on this globe.
No much to look at.
They say, 
The barrels bottom of humanity is what we received,
The remains, another set of their left overs.
In their eyes we are hardly human.
Just another set of insignificant niggers.
They colour us vulgar,
Because the stomps of our feet
Don’t comply to their symphonies.
Because we point with our lips
And cuss with our hips 
Because our words have more A’s and apostrophes,
And our grammar will never be found
In the recently revised oxford english dictionary.
But you see, despite what they brand us,
We will continue to see the truths in each others eyes,
Feel the verity beneath our skins.
We feel the black, gold and green pulsing through our veins,
With every beat of the drums implanted within our rib cases.
They may not beat simultaneously.
But we know if we listen close enough,
We hear the beckoning of our anthem.
So hold your head high you children of 
‘the land of wood and water’
And bear your flag above your head.
And your culture across your chest.
Never unroot your feet from your heritage
Even when planted upon foreign soil.
Cradle a smile across your face, and remember;
The harder they come the harder they shall fall.

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