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City of Fashion

After months of planning followed by two intense weeks of meetings and preparation, Vanessa’s ENVY Fashion Magazine staged its second annual Fashion Exposition and Fashion Show on Saturday, January 13, 2015 at the Giscombe Sports Complex.


Unlike last year, this year’s venue was a spacious rooftop location with a great view of a portion of the city and with the verdant St. Andrew hills as backdrop.  By 10:00 o’clock that morning the exhibitors were in full set-up mode and the various booths really reflected the creativity and originality and of this group of young entrepreneurs.  The exhibitors included makeup artists, jewellery makers, beauty artisans- offering manicures and mini-spa treatments, clothing booths- showing swimwear, street wear, formal attire and food stalls.

A survey of the exhibitors determined that these business persons ranged in age from 19 years to 27 years old.

On spot early and taking advantage of the half-price entrance fees for early arrivals, were a group of Clothing and Textiles students from the Greater Portmore High School who learnt of the event and made a field trip along with their teacher.

The excitement was building.

The cover of the February issue of the magazine was also released and the patrons were excited to note that the models and clothing line featured on the cover were in attendance at the show.

There was a steady flow of patrons during the course of day, and by the time the fashion show began there was a good mix of patrons and media (bloggers, photographers) personnel on hand.

The runway comprised the entire stretch of the rooftop, and the young models strutted their stuff with pomp and confidence.

The show came to an end at about 7:00 p.m.

The show was a success and although Vanessa was disappointed with the turnout of patrons, all in all the day went well.   Great experience and lessons learnt for next year’s staging.  It can only get better!!!!!!!!

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