December 2018

Walkerswood, St. Ann

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December 2016

Walkerswood, St. Ann

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Walkerswood, St. Ann

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ThankUSkipper celebrates the true meaning of Christmas, as he embarks on the age-old tradition of giving. This tradition was started by his grandmother Keziah Gordon; who would cook and share her Christmas dinner with the elderly in the community.  Throughout the years, Skipper has fed the poor and needy in Walkerswood. It all started out with a gift-giving to the indigent right after Christmas morning breakfast. At first, gifts would include produce from our farm such as yams, cabbage, oranges, and of course some beef from a cow Skipper would have slaughtered for the Christmas. During his gift-giving one or more of his sons would accompany him on his visits. He would walk from Walkerswood to Cottage to spread cheer to the people.

When Skipper could no longer provide produce from the farm, he started a gift-giving of monetary funds. His tradition continued for years and was supported by contributions from his friends and family. Since about 2010, these friends would donate to the fund; significantly increasing Skipper’s ability to give to the needy.

This year was no different. David, Jordan, and Mr. Reid set off with Skipper at around 11:00 am Christmas morning. He had his envelopes to deliver to about 25 persons including widows, orphans, sick and shut-ins of all ages.  The list would take them from one end of the district to the other.  Where the paths were too steep for Skipper to maneuver, the younger men would make the presentations and exchange the greetings and wishes, while Skipper remained in the pickup.  Whenever he could though, he would do it in person along with sparing a few minutes to talk and catch-up with each person.   It took them into mid-afternoon to complete, but Skipper returned home feeling a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  The younger men too seem to walk a little taller from all they had seen and shared.

Skipper wholeheartedly appreciates all the support he has received over the years from friends and family.  It is his deepest wish to see this tradition continue, and we hope that the baton will be passed on from generation to generation.


Walkerswood, St. Ann

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