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Amber and PJ King/Fugitt/Lindo

“I have known Sancha for over 10 years. Over the years she has introduced me to Jamaica through her eyes. It has been amazing and special. On these visits it has been ‘girls only.’ I have been quite happy with getting full attention of Sancha all to myself. What is so amazing about a place other than your own home is being introduced to it through a ‘local’s connections.’

Since the first time I have gone, I have been introduced to the Lindo family in full. Everyone and anyone that was around got a hug. I was welcomed from my first step onto to this wonderful island. I consider Jamaica my second home. I know somewhere in me I am Jamaican. So a special event came up for the Lindo family and I was invited. As the years passed everyone in Jamaica has heard about my husband, PJ Fugitt, but no one believed he existed. My little secret. We were invited to an event that does not happen often, a family reunion. This was the perfect opportunity to show my Jamaican family my husband. I have been to family reunions as a child, but nothing matched the spectacularness of this event. This statement pertains to the entire trip too. We stayed right in the heart of Ochi. We did some tourist activities and a lot of local stuff. Everything around us was just home.

The reunion was filled with good food, great drink, and beautiful surroundings. I like the ring of saying ‘my family.’ PJ and I are truly honored to have been a part of this family history. We were literally accepted with open arms. The magic that came from a family so deep with history and full of excitement for future experiences was amazing to watch and be a part of.”

Thank you,

Amber Lindo

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